Friday, June 7, 2013

Some Thoughts on Summer and Weight

For people who are severely obese or overweight, summer can be an especially difficult time. The warm weather means outdoor activities that are often difficult for very overweight people to manage are brought to the forefront. Even more obviously, the issue of weight and weight loss in Los Angeles is harder to avoid during the time of year when we are constantly being presented -- in the media and in often real life, especially if we live near a beach -- with views of unusually physically fit people wearing unusually little clothing. If you don't have a thick skin, the contrast can be painful. There is also the reality that severely overweight people can be more adversely affected by high summer temperatures than others.

Sometime an unpleasant reminder or situation is just that: unpleasant. Other times, however, it can spur people to take action. Many of our weight loss surgery patients tell us that it was the idea of not wanting to sweat miserably through another hot season, unable to participate in fun summer activities and made to feel less like an outsider, that finally spurred them to take the action. While the difficulty that very obese people will have to experience during the summer is obviously not a good thing, we do hope that people will try to look on it productively and perhaps take steps that will improve their level of health and happiness.

If you are considering a weight loss procedure such as a lap band or gastric sleeve surgery, we very much want to hear from you through our contact page. If not now, when when?

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