Friday, August 2, 2013

Dr. Feiz is Happy to See Weight Loss Surgery Myths Busted

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we're well known as the premier destination for weight loss surgery solutions in Southern California. While this is largely thanks to the impeccable experience of our chief surgeon Dr. Feiz and his team, it is also due to our rigorous work ethic every day. Fortunately, as a team with true passion for performing various types of weight loss surgery, we are happy to keep up with stories and opinions on bariatric surgery throughout the globe.

This genuine concern brought us to discover an interesting story from News4JAX, all the way out in Jacksonville, FL. The station features an interview with nurse Katherine Carr, who underwent the surgery herself, and David Podkameni, M.D., the Medical Director at the Bariatric Program at the Banner Gateway Medical Center, both of whom dispel a number of myths regarding gastric sleeve surgery and other weight loss surgeries.

"Probably the biggest (myth) I heard was taking the easy way out," Carr said, a sentiment that Podkameni agrees with.

"You still have to diet, you still have to exercise. It's not going to work by itself," says Podkameni.

Another common myth the two came across was that you can't have surgery if you have diabetes. In fact, those who undergo bariatric surgery are three-to-four times more likely to have their Type 2 diabetes go into remission, compared to those who only receive intensive medical treatment. Another is that the surgery is all cosmetic. "It has to do with change in metabolism," says Podkameni, "it has to do with influencing remission of diabetes, treating sleep apnea, treating high blood pressure, hypertension."

 At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we admire the forthright nature of Dr. Podkameni and nurse Carr. Sharing experiences with bariatric surgery goes a long way towards helping bring these important weight loss solutions into the mainstream, where more people can be helped.

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