Friday, August 23, 2013

Obesity May Be as Complex as You Already Know It Is

It's hard to believe, but there are still people around who are convinced the obesity is simply a matter of a lack of will power and flat-out laziness. Of course, you don't have to be an expert in human metabolism or a bariatric surgeon to know that's hogwash -- all you have to do is be, or just speak to, someone who is suffering from this problem.

You'll know it's a very complicated and difficult blend of issues; what might appear on its surface to simply be poor health habits might often by driven by signals from the body that just about anyone would find extremely difficult to resist. Let's face it, no matter what else is true, weight loss in Los Angeles or anywhere else is never remotely easy.

An interview by Good Morning America's Liz Neporent appearing on the ABC News web site this week featured the thoughts of Nikhik Dhurandhar of the Obesity Society. He likens obesity to cancer in the sense that he believes it's not just one disease, but a complex of various conditions that vary greatly between individuals. In other words, while two obese people may look as if they're dealing with essentially the same problem, the root causes may be completely different. 

Dhurandhar himself was involved with 1980s study that found an obesity causing virus in chickens, which he later found in people. While virus-caused obesity in humans is likely very rare, the fact that it's even possible, Dhurandhar notes, shows that it's much more complicated to deal with than most people think -- at least most thin people. A more complex and comprehensive understanding of the root causes of obesity can only help us to combat this very serious health problem. The article doesn't mention the hunger-causing hormone ghrelin, but that could prove to be an enormous part of the isseue.

Fortunately, such procedures as a gastric sleeve can reduce ghrelin and permanently reduce excessive food cravings and other procedures are often extremely effective as well. If you're considering a weight loss surgery, please call Dr. Feiz & Associates at 800-868-5946 or contact us online.

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