Friday, May 2, 2014

Common Weight Loss Surgery Myths Can Be Hurtful

Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we are constantly reading about the latest online news when it comes to weight loss surgery. So, to our delight, we found a charming video from the eightWest program out of Michigan television station WOOD TV. In the video, they bring in an expert to dispel weight loss surgery myths.

The first thing the expert mentions is that many patients across all types of weight loss surgery will come in to a consultation feeling like many people in their lives are challenging their decision. They'll say things like "it's the easy way out" or that the patient can do it alone. The expert as well as the team here at Dr. Feiz & Associates have both seen that these are not the case. Weight loss surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz and Associates is just a tool to help patients finally overcome their obesity.

Some of the other myths covered relate to dietary changes following surgery. The expert states that patients don't live on protein shakes forever, bariatric patients don't have to eat an excessively high protein diet, and they don't have to buy special food. Watch the full video here if interested:

Dr. Feiz strives to make all realities of weight loss surgery known to his patients very early on in the process. He's a board-certified bariatric surgeon with years of experience helping patients experience dramatic and life-changing weight loss through surgery. He, above all, is an ally to his patients and helps them weather whatever criticisms they may be facing for choosing bariatric surgery. For a free consultation with a specialist at Dr. Feiz & Associates, give us a call at 310-817-6911.

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