Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Good and the Perfect

Especially if you follow politics, you might be familiar with the adage to the effect that we should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. While people can (and do) argue over how this might apply to a particular issue, the general principle is hard to argue with; we've all seen what happens when we lose focus of the larger picture on solving a problem while focusing on getting some tiny aspect of it completely right.

When it comes to containing the obesity epidemic, patients often face this same issue on a very personal level. We've all known obese people who keep finding new excuses not to take action -- whether they're considering obesity surgery or simply making a serious attempt to eat a bit healthier and exercise more. Sometimes these are pretty much simply excuses for delaying the issue. "After the holidays" (there are always holidays coming up), "after my vacation," and so on.

This can also happen after people have made real progress with their weight, where they might harm their own chances at actually being happy by focusing on expectations that might not be practical for them. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we try very hard to make sure that patients have realistic expectations for the results of a weight loss procedure and its effect on their health and appearance.

While it's pretty likely to improve both, the realism doesn't always take right away. We've seen patients temporarily lose site of the fact that they may have lost scores of pounds and greatly improved their blood sugar -- or even reversed type 2 diabetes -- while feeling like failures for not getting rid of the final 10 or 15 pounds or looking like a model or movie star.

This is part of the reason Dr. Feiz and Associates provides detailed follow-up and counseling to help patients adjust to their new bodies. While it's good to avoid becoming complacent, we should be able to be happy with ourselves when we've made significant improvements. The good is very often good enough. The perfect really can wait.

If you think you can do a lot of good for yourself with weight loss surgery with Dr. Feiz, right now may be the best possible time to get in touch. Please call 800-868-5946 to inquire about a free seminar.

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