Friday, May 9, 2014

Why is Lifting Weights Important for Weight Loss?

The popular notion is that weight loss is a matter of simple mathematics: calories in and calories out gives you the "net" calories you've had, and leads to weight loss, gain, or maintenance. However, renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz knows that weight loss is more than a game of counting calories, and that it also takes more than just getting off the sofa to lose weight. Of course, Dr. Feiz would not discourage any form of physical activity that benefits the patient, but he would also like to encourage one oft-forgotten form of exercise that many may dismiss when it comes to losing weight: strength training. 

The fact of the matter is, our bodies are finely tuned to maintain our weight, and losing weight goes against the body's natural tendency to keep us from losing weight. To fight that, it's of course important to exercise, and to "trick" the bodies metabolism so it speeds up rather than slows down or stays the same. That can be achieved in part by lifting weights on a regular basis, and adding lean muscle mass. Many might think "wait, hold on, why do I need to get muscular? Don't I just want to lose fat?" Wrong! Dr. Feiz knows that after obesity surgery, lifting weight is just as important as regular cardiovascular exercises like walking, hiking, bicycling, jogging, and playing sports. Why? Because lifting weights makes you gain muscles, and muscle mass helps the body burn through calories more efficiently. It's a win-win, in that sense, and gaining strength is just as important as burning calories through cardio workouts!

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