Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Quick and Easy Exercise Routines to Stay Healthy

Staying fit can be a challenging endeavor that involves a healthy, nutritious diet, and regular exercise - at least half an hour a day as advised by the Food and Drug Administration. Though healthy eating can truly be a test of one's will power, getting regular exercise also proves difficult for people trying to lose weight. This isn't just a matter of laziness, as you may be tempted to believe. A lot of people feel they simply don't have the time to commit to it. Dr. Michael Feiz understands it can be difficult to set aside time when you live a busy lifestyle. With that in mind, here are five quick and easy exercises you can do, that add up throughout the day, to hit the half hour sweet spot.

1. Try a session five or ten minute session of jumping jacks. They aren't too rigorous, but they'll get your pulse up, and you can burn up to ninety calories or more in a single ten minutes session.
2. After dinner go play active games with your kids, friends, or family. Get a game of tag going, or shoot some hoops.
3. Do a few sets up push ups, crunches, or situps before bed.
4. The next time you're cooking  a meal in the kitchen, if you're waiting for the pot to boil or food to cook, do standing push-ups while you wait. Stand an arm's length from the counter and push in and out to tone your arms and shoulders.
5. Work out while watching your favorite TV programs. During commercial breaks run in place, do armchair dips or squat thrusts.

Finding time to exercise can be tricky, but multitasking, or breaking workouts into small chunks, makes it much much easier. Keep at it, and contact Dr. Feiz & Associates for weight loss treatments!

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