Friday, November 27, 2015

Being Thankful

Thanksgiving has come and passed, and although it is a wonderful time to bond with family and friends, the holiday serves as yet another reminder to obese patients of the difficulties of losing weight. Food is such an integral part of how we bond and get together as humans, but too much of it can lead to excess weight, which brings with it a slew of health problems. At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we do everything we can to insure that patients have the best chance of ridding themselves of these health problems, and the obesity that is causing them.

For those obese patients who spent Thanksgiving wishing that good health was something that they could be thankful for, weight loss surgery may be the answer. While no bariatric surgery is, in any way, a silver bullet solution to obesity, they give patients the tools they need to reduce their food intake to a level that will allow for weight loss. Many patients find that, in a matter of years after their procedure, they have lost a substantial portion of their excess weight and are living a more healthy lifestyle than ever before. After all, what most people want more than anything is to ensure they have good health so they can be around for as many Thanksgivings with friends and family as they can.

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