Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You’re Not Alone

The struggle with obesity can often be an extremely isolating and discouraging feeling. The inability to lose weight with traditional diet and exercise or to keep the weight off after losing it initially can make obese patients feel somehow inadequate. What is important for these patients to understand is that not every person has the same path to a healthy lifestyle. While some people may have found a way to maintain a healthy weight, others may be dealing with a variety of factors including stress, hormones, or an overall hectic lifestyle that make this very difficult. In these cases, it is important for obese patients to remember that, wherever they are in their weight loss journey, they are not alone.

Weight loss surgery success is shown to be greater when patients have the proper support, so in addition to providing resources and information about patient support groups, we at Dr. Feiz & Associates also provide close post-procedure support to ensure that patients are on the right track. After weight loss surgery, patients are faced with an entirely new relationship with food, so it is extremely helpful to talk with people who are familiar with the change, or those who have gone through bariatric surgery themselves.

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