Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some Facts for those Looking to Start a Family After Weight Loss Surgery

For weight loss surgery, Southern California residents have come to trust  Dr. Feiz for his incredible surgical skill and experience. However, Dr. Feiz is also highly regarded for his warm and friendly bedside manner. The expert surgeon is always invested in ensuring every gastric sleeve surgery feels comfortable throughout the entire process. In that spirit, we at the offices of Dr. Feiz wanted to share some fascinating facts regarding one of the most important milestones one may face after their weight loss procedure - pregnancy.

The summer months are among the most common for babies to be born in, so there is bound to be some post-bariatric surgery patients entering their third trimesters soon! In fact, studies have shown that bariatric surgery can actually produce a sudden positive change in fertility. Good news for those who want to celebrate their healthy new body and perspective on life by starting a family.

That said, many doctors recommend that women avoid getting pregnant until 18 months after surgery. After surgery, the rapid changes your body goes through can make the process of growing a baby unusually complicated. After 18 months, though, a woman's weight will likely have stabilized enough to provide her baby with proper nutrition.

Overall, the health risks involved in pregnancy decrease substantially, another bit of good news for those undergoing the revolutionary surgery for weight loss in Los Angeles under the care of Dr. Feiz. Whether you're looking to garner a trim new body before starting a family or to enhance the quality of life for yourself and your current loved ones, Dr. Feiz is happy to provide you with exceptional weight loss procedures that can have a tremendous impact on your life.

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