Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank Goodness For Lupe and Rebekah!

by Callie Ellis
Another week has passed and it seems like time is moving slower the closer I get to my gastric sleeve/weight loss surgery date. Last week I submitted all of the paperwork to my insurance company. Let me tell you, that’s a hurdle and a half. Thank goodness for the staff at Dr. Michael Feiz’s Beverly Hills bariatric surgery office, especially Lupe and Rebekah. They have been helping me every step of the way. They're so good at translating all of the insurance mumbo jumbo and making sure to connect the dots on what is needed to move forward with my procedure.
I am going to share a little secret with you (well not a really a secret to all those that know me.) With the exception of Dr. Feiz, I really hate going to the doctors. HATE IT! So there isn’t much documentation of my weight throughout the years. We initially submitted pictures but that wasn’t enough for the insurance company. However, an accident from several years ago in Texas is actually turning out to be a life saver. Isn’t that funny? I was involved in a car accident and was taken to the ER where, of course, they weighed me. And my weight was high. So Lupe at Dr. Feiz’s office is now working with the hospital to make sure we get the paperwork to the insurance company so that my gastric sleeve surgery can be done on time. Just another day towards a healthier life!  

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