Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weight Loss Surgery can Dramatically Affect the Health of Your Child

As the premier team for weight loss in Los Angeles, the staff at Dr. Feiz and Associates is always interested on the latest news regarding bariatric surgery or other health-related news. That's why we were particularly thrilled to read a story posted in the Los Angeles Times earlier today regarding the positive effects of weight loss surgery on a woman's children.

A growing body of research illustrates that a pregnant woman's own health issues have a powerful impact on those of her child, particularly in regards to weight status. However, the study also shows that weight-loss procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery or other bariatric procedures can change a child's health outcome dramatically. Compared to their peers born to obese women, children born to mothers following weight-loss surgery are significantly less likely to be obese. In fact, they generally show healthier blood pressure, lipid profiles and metabolic function.

Looking at a group of siblings born to the same mother - some before and some after weight-loss surgery - Canadian researchers found a significant difference in the way genes influencing weight, metabolic function and inflammation express themselves. It is a process known as "fetal programming", in which a woman's nutrition, stress levels, exposure to toxic pollutants and her own health status can bend a baby's genetic make-up, not by changing the code, but by tweaking the way those genes carry out their program.

For Dr. Feiz and his team, much of this comes as little surprise, however, it is particularly gratifying to see the results of the study confirmed and publicized in such a widely read publication as the Los Angeles Times. If this leads to more women (and men, for that matter) making healthier choices in their lives, we couldn't be more pleased. If you're interested in lap band in Beverly Hills or any of Dr. Feiz's other life-changing procedures, contact Dr. Feiz and Associates today!

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